When I first stumbled upon a Super 8 film, it was love at first sight. I was captivated by its honesty and the unique charm/character of the Super 8mm film format. Its completely organic, and its imperfect beauty creates a sense of nostalgia and timelessness that absolutely cannot be replicated by digital cameras. Filming on Super 8mm is such a wild experience. It starts with the process of loading the film, hearing the camera motor run, and then there is the anticipation that comes from waiting for the film to be developed. It all adds to the magic, and it is quickly becoming my favorite way to document stories and capture memories. So, if you can't tell, I am extremely passionate about preserving this art form and sharing its beauty, and your stories with the world.

super 8mm film roll
Super 8mm film camera purchased from Pro 8mm

Along the shores of Cabo, where sea meets sky, a love story unfolds on Super 8. In a moment suspended in time, two hearts are celebrated as one, surrounded by their closest family, friends and their little boy. The sun, the sand, and the salty air, a witness to their vows, a symbol of their care. An adventure that was well wroth the wait. This poetic elopement is a nostalgic ode to the power of love, a timeless tale to be treasured above.

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I love to film experimental, branding & editorial sessions, and Ill be sharing more of these soon!

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