Scotland Couple Session by Destination Wedding Photographer: The Dogwood Collective

I truly find it fascinating how strangers living across the globe can connect on social media, meet and experience a little bit of life together. Im sure it doesn’t happen too often, but I was lucky to have it happen with Matt and Tamar. I was browsing a photography group on facebook last winter when I saw Tamar’s work for the first time (her and her husband have a photo and video business based in Scotland). I had just bought airplane tickets to Glascow, Scotland, and so I was already on the hunt for someone to take photos of us while we were there. She had posted an image that consisted of a beautiful model, a breath taking landscape, and a freaking elk (or deer or whatever that majestic creature was). It was amazing, and I reached out immediately to see if she could meet up with us. Stars aligned, and in May of this year we drove out to the Scottish Highlands with them and magic happened. Not only did they capture photos of us perfectly, but they modeled for me as well. They are truly one of the cutest and kindest couples I have ever met.

After our session, they continued to help us by spilling all their knowledge of beautiful hikes, sights, food and places to sleep (and shower since we spent the majority of the trip car camping). Our 11 day trip couldn’t have been near as amazing without their help, and we are still so thankful for them. If we ever make it back across the ocean to Scotland, these two will be the first people we reach out to.