Ozark Arkansas Family Photography Show Life on the Farm in an Intentional and Thoughtful Way

January 3, 2022

By Arkansas Family Photographer Stori Photos

I can’t fully describe how much life that the Robbins Family photography session in Ozark, Arkansas gave me. For the first time, I was able to document a family in the way that I have dreaming about. There was no strict posing- I simply followed them and documented their nightly routine. During the session, I was able to incorporate digital and film photography while also shooting a highlight film on my Super 8 camera.

Words from Hannah

“I wanted our photos to capture a few things: our family, our farm, our day-to-day. Family is so important to us and we love our life in rural Arkansas, raising our daughters on our farm. Canan (almost 2 years) and Wilder (8 months) bring us so much joy. We wanted to be able to feel these memories months and years later. 

Tellulah Jane is our special girl, our big ol’ pet cow. Sometime when we were dating I told, my husband, Kabel how much I loved “Brahmans and their big floppy ears.” I knew he ran Angus cattle and would likely never cross-breed those two. One day, after we were engaged, he came home and in the trailer was a Brahman heifer! A surprise for me. It represents my husband’s love so well— thoughtful and intentional. She is sweet and smart and sassy.

Tellulah and I have been pregnant simultaneously (twice now), which is wild! He first heifer, Willie Mae Jane, will start Canan’s herd. Her second heifer, Birdie Jane, was supposed to start Wilder’s herd, but she’s a bit squirrelly, so we will likely start with a different heifer. 

Our entire session was a dream. I didn’t want an album of perfectly collected, stiff-smiled portraits. I wanted what we do every day, imperfections and all, mud and wind, suspicious and giggling children, uncooperative and nosy cows. Your (Kristi’s) presence was easy and comfortable— the photos, Polaroids, Super 8 film and GIFs you created all an extension of our daily life.”

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