Arkansas Wedding and Elopement Photographer: The Dogwood Collective

Holy crap!! Since starting this business in the fall of 2017, I (Kristi) have had the honor of working for and with so many amazing people. I have been able to bring on my best friend as a co-contributor and watch as she absolutely flourishes in everything she does. Together, we have accomplished things we never thought was possible, like being published in a magazine, on nation wide blogs, win a Best of the Best Wedding competition in 2018, and now to have been nominated as one of 300 world wide for Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars of 2019. WOW!!

I am so thankful for my friends in the industry who have helped us, supported us, educated us and been honest with us. I am even more thankful for the couples who have trusted us and our vision on their wedding days. Without that trust and belief in us, we could never push the boundaries and create what we do.

Some of you might be thinking to yourself, yea.. but you didn’t even win, and I’m honestly cracking myself up thinking about the movie Zoolander, when Derek gives an acceptance speech for an award he didn’t win. LOL

However, to me it’s still a win, and will always be a win.

Here are the 30 images I submit, and click here to see the 30 amazing photographers who did win!


These are all so stunning your work with light is gorgeous! You should be insanely proud of this body of work!

Thank you so much!! You are so kind!!