Brock & Parkers Wedding in Fort Smith Arkansas

Brock and Parker decided to host their wedding in Downtown Fort Smith, and I am so glad they did. For one, I was 9 months pregnant (I had my baby three days after their wedding) and only having to drive 5 minutes was amazing. Reason number two is that we were able to showcase some of the artwork that has been popping up over the last several years during Unexpected. The murals are stunning, and if you haven’t visited our little city, you totally should.

Their ceremony was stunning, and as I would look out into the crowd, I could see tears were falling and it was easy to see just how much they each loved Brock and Parker. Everything was going smoothly, until the officiant asked for the rings. Parker and Brock both looked around and then everyone busted up laughing. In all of the excitement of exploring downtown, they forgot the rings! Don’t worry though, we still got them married. After the ceremony we all ate chicken and waffles, delicious cake and then danced the night away.

Thank you, Brock and Parker, for inviting us into your lives and allowing us to photograph your wedding.

Dress: Danielle’s Bridal
Florals:Stem and Leaf
Venue: ProPak Corporation
Cake: Confectionately Yours