Last January my family and I took a road-trip to Big Bend National Park, in our 1991 Winnebago Brave. The trip was strictly for fun and to reconnect as a family; I didn’t intend on doing any work. However, as we were stopped in the park to get gas, we saw a giant and brightly painted Winnebago drive by and I looked at Chris and said, “if we see them again, Im going to ask them if they want a free photo session.” I felt connected to them in some weird way because they also had a Winnie.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to reach out to them, and I was having an internal conversation with myself to try and get my thoughts organized (side note–how is it that some people cannot have internal conversations?!) Luckily for me, when we caught up to them, they had their instagram handle on the back window so you could easily follow along on their travels. Hooray! I typed up a message right then and asked them if they’d be down for a sunrise shoot the next morning, and they said yes!

Turns out they are some of the nicest people, and we still follow their life via social media. They ended up selling their Winnebago to move back home because THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!! We are stoked for you Evan and Grace!!