STORI PHOTOS-Fort Smith Branding Photography-11

Photography has become a tool that helps me feel life more deeply, to dream bigger, and to truly appreciate human connection. It somehow causes me to slow down while simultaneously reminding me of how fast time goes by. If I’m not careful, it actually becomes my entire personality.

Over the last 5 years, I have loved getting to explore different styles of editing and experimenting with double exposures and other creative techniques. I honestly hustled way too hard to try and stay ahead of all the trends, and be thought of as an industry leader. Sure, that hustle was rewarded with recognition and awards but it made me tired and caused me to feel a lot of self doubt overall.

In 2020, when the world was forced to slow down, I was reminded that there is so much beauty to see in the world when I am not so focused on achieving perfection. My journey of becoming a mother to three wild children has also proven that to be true. Life is a beautiful messy chaotic trip. Its not meant to be filtered and perfected. Its meant to be fluidly lived and explored.

So I started looking at my work through that lens, and I fell in love with film photography and Super 8. They bring me such a sense of nostalgia and the imperfections of it all that make it so timeless and romantic.

here are some Beautiful reminders of places ive been and the experiences my family has shared.

I'm learning to romanticize my own life.

It is my hope for this space to turn into a virtual journal where I can expose the parts of myself that the world rarely sees. The stories of trips, of family and of adventure. The poems I write on late nights when I can't sleep. The personal projects that I've kept hidden from the world. Right now, this is all still in the works, but you can subscribe & be notified when anything new is published.