STORI PHOTOS-Cassville Branding Photos-45

Im a 90s babe, who has been rediscovering just how beautiful life truly is and how quickly it can all change and re-arrange. In 2023 I moved myself and three kids back to a little town in South West, Missouri to help take care of my grandparents and resettle myself and business after divorce. It brought back such a sense of home and reconnected me to the heart of why I do what I do, which is to provide you tangible proof of all the love that is currently entwined into your life.

When I am not holding a camera, I am out doing one of these things:
– chasing one of my children around
– walking barefoot in the grass
– taking care of my chickens
– staring up at the night sky
– learning more about astrology
– traveling with friends
– kayaking and being on the water
– reading a good book
– trying to find floral paintings in local thrift stores
– doing my best to make a positive impact

I am also working on a book that I am hoping to publish in late 2024 or early 2025. So basically life is really lovely, and I am so glad you are here to get to know me a bit. If you have any question, please please please reach out! Id love to share more!